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February 17, 2014

8th of February 2014 , Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00 the measurement of glucose in peripheral blood were held at the Cathedral Square near the fountain of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral by decision of the members of the student government at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, students council ONMU, with the support of our administration, department of Internal Medicine № 1 in the rate of cardiovascular disease , trademark «Gamma», the regional representative of the “Red cross” , the center of patriotic education of children and youth “Patriot ” social movement ( NGO) “Faith Hope Love ” and CF “Pchёlka”

All desirous studentshad received specially prepared literature on prevention of diabetes, prevention of complications of illness and providing first aid in the event of complications.

February 11, 2014

Celebration of the Olympic flag

4th of February 2014 after the opening of the XXII Olympic Winter Games the Department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education held a sport event to which the Olympic champion was invited – Yuri Bilonoga (Athens, 2004). The celebration was attended by over 300 students. The flag of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine was introduced by our student GarayevEmmin( Medical Faculty № 1, second year) – Master of Sport in Karate , two-time world champion in two weight classes.

At the ceremony the team of University of calisthenics was making a show.

Yuri Bilonog held an interesting conversation with students of IV year who are studying “Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine”. The speech highlighted the main issues of the preparation of athletes for competitions, and basic pharmacological aspects and features of the treatment of sports injuries , which caused great interest and great the number of questions of the students .

January 24, 2014

Charity program “Give the student a smile”

From 10.02.2014 University Hospital ” Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health ONMU ” ( Mechnikov Street, 32) together with the staff of the department of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics department welcomes students- orphans of all faculties of Odessa National University to a stomatology consultation and treatment of teeth. This program is held by professors, lecturers, assistants and dentists of ‘Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health ONMU “. Services will be free of charge.

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