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In Odessa training of pharmacists started since 1903 when department of pharmacy was established at that time faculty of Novorossiysk university. Later pharmaceutical higher educational institution was created on the basis of this department. In1934 Kyiv Institute of Pharmacywas joined this institution. As a result of this reorganization there was created powerful Odessa State Pharmaceutical Institute of personnel training for pharmacy chain, medical and chemical and pharmaceutical industry. In 1959 Odessa State Pharmaceutical Institute was moved Zaporiozhye, Zaporozhye State Medical University was created on its basis and still exists.

After over 50 years in the southern part of Ukraine there is difficult situation with supplying of pharmaceutical companies with qualified specialists, moreover, the number of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies of all forms of ownership has increased greatly for this period. Due to this reason the restoration of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Odessa national medical university (ONMU) was caused in 2001 according to the orderof Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 342 from 28.08.2001.

Faculty of Pharmacy trains professionals in specialtyof “Pharmacy” of full-time and part-time form of training on budget and contract basis. Training is carried out: full time – 5 years,part-time – 5.5 years and juniorspecialists in specialty “Pharmacy” study for 4.5 years.

The faculty consists of the following specialized departments:

  • Department of organization and economics of pharmacy and pharmacognosy – head of the department, professor Y. Rozhkovskiy;
  • Department of pharmaceutical chemistry and technology of drugs – head of the department, professor V. Helmboldt.
  • head (assistance head) of pharmacy, pharmacy warehouse;
  • headpharmacy’s department;
  • senior pharmacist, pharmacist in the pharmaceutical field;
  • a specialist of remedy and cosmeticsproduction;
  • manager and marketing specialist of pharmaceutical company;
  • specialist (chief specialist) of state service for quality control of drugs and medical products and HTMC;

Training of students is carried out at 20 departments of the university.

The total licensed extentof studentsat the faculty is 100 students of full-time training, 200students of part-time training.

From the first to the third courses students are trained according to thecommon curriculum and programs of the credit modular system. During training students study the humanitarian, social and economic and natural disciplines, and on the senior courses – professionally oriented disciplines: pharmacy and industrial technologies of drugs, clinical pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, pharmacognosy, homeopathy, technology of perfume and cosmetics, management and marketing in pharmacy, organization and economics of pharmacy and others. On the fifth course professional specialization is performed. It provides forprofound studying of the pharmaceutical disciplines.

Practical training of students is carried out in training and industrial pharmacy of the university, multidisciplinary university clinic, pharmacies and chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Odessa and its region, as well as in botanic gardens and research plots where medicinal plants are grown. Students are supplied with modern educational material. The latest information technologies are used in the process of training. All departments are equipped with computer technique, which is connected to the Internet. Distance teaching of students is used on the part-time form of training.

On the recommendation of the Academic Council of the University best students continue their master course, postgraduate, clinical residency studying.

After successful passing of licensed integrated exam “Krok 2. Pharmacy” and state practically oriented exams or graduation paper presentation on the fifth course and after graduating as a specialist in “Pharmacy,” students are qualified as “pharmacist”, who undergo primary specialization in internship at the University in specialty «General Pharmacy.”

By the decision of the Academic Council of the University best students may be directed to the master course, postgraduate studying, who started to work.

After internship training graduates can take up following positions:

The University carries out specialization and advanced training of pharmacists-specialists at pre-certification stages in specialty of «General Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy Organization and Management “, and also pharmacists at the stage of “Pharmacy”.

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