Odessa National Medical University


(Center of reconstructive and regenerative medicine)

According to the strategy of Ukraine’s integration into the European space of higher medical education reform based on the principles of the Bologna Process the division of the university hospital of the Odessa National Medical University (ODMU) was created in Ukraine in 2005.

The rank and the work of the University Hospital is governed by the Regulations on clinical base of the Odessa Netional Medical University, which is approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Medical, educational and scientific activities of the clinic aims to cooperate fully with local public health practice.

Clinic is headed by the Director of the Center, MD, neurologist


Muratova Tetyana Mykolaivna

Alongside with the Director other highly qualified specialists are also involved in the management of the clinic:

The deputy director of clinical work, doctor of higher category


Slesareva Olena Arkadiivna

The deputy director of the medical unit, doctor of higher category


Vershinin Mykola Mykolaiovich

Clinic department

Clinic department of university is ready to welcome 250 visits per day.

Open from 08:00 to 19:00, during Saturday and Sunday there are duty doctors. There are doctors of 20 medical specialties. As part of the clinic there is a family medical department. You can also get advice on the faculty ONMU in all medical specialties.

The university hospital provide 10 bed places where a student can get a professional treatment in case of serious ill or injury.

Admission office

Address: Valikhovskiy lane, 2, Odessa 65026, Ukraine
Phone: +380000000
Fax: +380000000
Email: admission@odnmu.com

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