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“Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health ONMU”

In 2006, the rector of the Odessa National MedicalUniversity, Academicianof Medical Sciences of Ukraine V.M.Zaporozhaninitiated a university dental clinic. Therector’sidea of creating a new dental clinichelped to open the specializedtreatmentfacilityat the university in Odessa, whichshouldbe the basis of the department of pediatricdentistry to providing top quality dental care for children and the Odessa region.

At the end of 2010, according to the letter of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of 01.11.2010 № 11.01-29/1139 in the structure of the Odessa State Medical University the dental clinic “Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health ONMU” was introduced.

This is the first university hospital in the South of Ukraine established to provide highly specialized dental and orthodontic care for children on the basis of family medicine.

“Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health” – a dental clinic with a total area of nearly 1000 square meters, on which the there are 14 clinics, functional diagnostics office, dental laboratory, lecture hall, phantom class, and necessary support facilities. Clinical facilities are equipped with modern dental equipment and are designed to receive both dental patients and for conducting workshops with students.

Kovshar Igor Petrovych- Head of the University Hospital “Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health”

Kovshar Igor Petrovych

The Cabinet of the therapeutic admission

“Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health” is the base of the department of pediatric dentistry (professorDyenha O.V.) and the department of orthodontics (professor Mirchuk B.M.)


Professor Denga Oksana Vasilyevna


Professor Mirchuk Bogdan Mykolayovych

The Department offers classes for students of the Faculty of Dentistry and medical interns of the Faculty of Continuing Education ONMU, also it is training masters and clinical interns.

On January 1, 2011, the “Medical Center of Children’s Dental Health” started to receive patients.

Staff of the Department of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics

Consultation and admission of patients is held by the staff of the departments and doctors of dental clinic.

Professor Denga O.B. during the scientific and practical conference with international participants

There are classes of orthodontics and pediatric dentistry in clinics offices

Lecture Hall. Lectures by professors Mirchuk B.M.

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