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The sport complex of the Odessa National Medical University invites everyone to participate in sports activities. The university sport complex has 6 departments: for sports games, table tennis, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics, shaping, gym and track-and-field athletics arena. There are several sports sections: track-and-field athletics, basketball, tennis, powerlifting, weight – lifting, swimming, mini-football, judo, wrestling, sambo, chess and others. The stadium is created for physical education, training, competitions and different sports events. From now on, every Odessa citizen is able to play sports in a modern stadium, since the complex has a total area of ​​2750 m2, it will be available for everyone, not just for students and teachers. The complex has an administrative building with an area of ​​101 m2, two dressing rooms of 28.6 m2 with showers and toilets, offices for teachers, ancillary rooms, inventory room. The total area of ​​the sports complex is 2750 m2, the length is 110 m, width 25 m, with stands for spectators for 1000 seats. The complex includes standard grounds for playing mini-football, basketball, volleyball, a ground tennis court and outdoor sports equipment. All sports grounds are equipped with modern lighting and an acoustic system.

Facilities offered by Sports Complex of Odessa National Medical University:

– Stadium (football, athletics)

– Halls for sport games (basketball, volleyball)

– Swimming pool

– Gym

– Class of chess

There are classes in more than 30 kinds of sport and forms of physical activity. The presence of such a strong base provides an opportunity for students and employees of the university to show high results in various competitions, to have high-class athletes in various fields.

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