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Since 1996, Odessa National MedicalUniversityis in continuousco-operationwithEuropean and International Association of universities, as an active member. In 2001, itwasadmitted as a member of International ScientificCommittee of UNESCO.




Odessa National MedicalUniversityextensively uses latestscientific techniques and practices of best universities of the world in teachingprocess. This great contribution is due to close links withleadinguniversities and academic centres: Washington University (USA), PolishAcademy of Medicine (Poland), Milan University (Italy), Institute of ExperimentalImmunology (Switzerland), the International Fund of Hippocrates (Greece), A. Schweitzer International MedicalAcademy (Poland), RussianHeartScientific-productive Complex (Russia), etc.


ONMU’s participation in the joint programs and projectswithRussia, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Austria, South AfricanRepublic, etc. makes possible improvement and introduction into training and therapeuticprocesses of new educational and medical technologies, obtaining of grants, annual training of teachers in the best scientific and educationalcenters, direct deliveries of high technologymedicalequipments, joint release of scientific and scholarlyliterature, etc. Among the grants, carried out by the scientists of ONMedUtogetherwith the foreignassociates : Practical-scientificgrant(AIHA, USA), Training grant(UNICEF, the children’sfund of UN), Training grant(JHPIEGO, USA) and manyothers.


ONMedUiscontinuouslyparticipating in the programs of “Vidrodzhennya” fund, in the activities of International Club “Rotary”, in the programs of American Agency of International Development (USAID) and in collaboration with the International Association of PsychosomaticMedicine (ASCONA).Ukrainian- NetherlandsPractical-scientificgrant “Improvement of the system of teachingfamilymedicine in highermedicaleducational institutions” (MATRA).

Our chiefscientists are the honorable doctors of 42 international organizations and universities, who are “doctor honoris causa” of ouruniversity. They all deliver lectures to the students and teachersyearly. Amongthem are: Nobel Prize Winners – Prof. RolphZinkernagel (Switzerland) & Prof. YevgeniyChazov (Russia); Prof. Juliano Di Bernardo (Italy), SpirosMarketos (Greece) and GeorgiyKryzhanovskiy (Russia); President of PolishAcademy of Medicine Prof. Casimir Imiyelinski; Rectors of severaluniversities – Prof. Stefan DoelTrachtenberg (George Washington University, USA) & Ton That Bach (Hanoi National MedicalUniversity, Vietnam), and others.

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