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Odessa National Medical university is one of the Oldest Independent Medical University of USSR and Europe. High standards of life of Odessa residents and in General the life of Odessa was the main significant of opening a medical faculty in Odessa. On 1st of September 1900 was opened the Medical Faculty in Odessa under the Greater Novorossisk University of USSR.

The medical Faculty of Odessa played a significant role in medicine of Ukaine, lot of research work was done by this Faculty.

Before the opening of Odessa Medical Faculty of Novorossisk University the main administrative, education buildings and Clinics were constructed with the modern and latest construction style by highly qualified architects of USSR and Europe. At that time  (start of century) the Medical faculty of Odessa was one of the leading and most effective medical school of Ukraine. The medical school of Odessa was having bright future because lot of world famous scientists were working for Odessa Medical Faculty.  The great scientists of Novorossisk University were also involved in all research work for Odessa National Medical University

The first dean of Odessa Medical faculty was world famous scientist Pidvysotskyy V.V.

In 1922, Odessa Medical Faculty of Novorossisk University was awarded the status of Independent Medical Institute  and was renamed to Odessa Medical Institute. Odessa Medical Institute was the leading medical university in South of USSR.

However, the great start of Odessa National Medical University was suspended at the time of war with Japan from 1905 -1907, then in World war from 1914-1918, and then at the time Communist revolution of USSR. After the Communist revolution in USSR, Odessa National Medical University was reconstructed and rebuild with new foundations and was changed to new system of Higher Education in USSR from old system of High schools of Russian Federation & USSR.

After 1918 in the last century Odessa national Medical University developed his well known departments and research centers, which brought the world fame to Odessa National Medical university.

Odessa Therapeutic School  Under Odessa Medical Institute was founded by Botkin S.P., Professor Levashovym S.V., Valterom P.O., Dmytrenko L.P., Strazhesko M.D., Yanovsky F.H., Yasynovskiy N.A.

Odessa OphtalmolicSchool  Under Odessa Medical Institute was founded by Professor Holovin S.S. and world famous Academician Filatova V.P.

At pre-revolutionary times the world-renowned school of pathologists of Odessa National Medical University was founded by the first dean of the Medical Faculty Pidvysotskyy V.V., His closest helpers and workers for this project wereBohomolets O.O., and Zabolotny, who later headed the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

At the same time under Odessa Medical University was formed a large scientific Scholars school, whose all members work later was recognized worldwide and most of those Scientists were awarded worldwide prizes and some of them got Noble Prize also. Some of the most famous Scientists of Odessa national Medical University were Pathologist Voronina V.V., Filatov V.P., Dmytrenko L.P., Vinokurov S.I., Cherkes L.O., Yasynovskyy N.O., Zhhenti V.K., Lysonkova M.K., Kondrat George M.S., Volynskoho F.A., Bushkovycha V.I., etc..

After the Independence of Ukraine Odessa National Medical University was awarded the the highest IV level of accreditation. In 1994 the name of Odessa Medical Institute was changed to Odessa State Medical University and then later in 1997 Odessa State Medical University was awarded the highest in Ukraine the national status and was renamed to Odessa National Medical University.

Odessa National Medical University is a member of the International and European Universities Association. Odessa National Medical University extensively uses latest scientific techniques and practices of best universities of the world in teaching process. This great contribution is due to close links with leading universities and academic centres : Washington University (USA), Polish Academy of Medicine (Poland),  Milan University (Italy), Institute of Experimental Immunology (Switzerland), the International Fund of Hippocrates (Greece), A. Schweitzer International Medical Academy  (Poland), Russian Heart Scientific-productive Complex (Russia), etc.

Today the Odessa National Medical University is having eight faculties and 58 theoretical and 45 Clinical departments where about 9000 students and trainees are studying. Among them foreign students are more than 1900 from 52 different countries. More than 250 foreign students are also getting training at Postgraduate Education and at Clinical Residency programs..

Foreign students get their training at Odessa National Medical University in English, Russian and in Ukrainian Language.

The teaching staff of ONMU consists of 106 Professors and 410 Ph.D.-Associate Professors.Among them are 20 Academicians of State Academies of Ukraine, 42 members of foreign academies, 39 honored workers of science and technology of Ukraine, 10 winners of state and other prestigious international awards.

This is the highest number of Academicians working in any one Medical University of Ukraine, USSR and in whole Europe.

The Odessa National Medical University has a modern physical infrastructure for teaching, research and medical diagnostic work. This facilitates the implementation of the educational process and clinical practice with latest advance technologies in medical science, including endoscopy, laparoscopy, transplantology, tissue therapy, genetic medicine, and lot of others.

In the recent years, ONMU created some unique scientificreasearch and medical departments, which includes ONMU dental clinic, ONMU multidisciplinary University Clinic, Research institute of Molecular-Genetics and Cellular Medicine, Clinical Research Institute of Biophysics. At Odessa National Medical University were also opened Diagnostics centers with help of Ministry of Health of Ukraine: Cardiorhematology, Eye Microsurgery, Synthesis, Endoscopiy and Laser Surgery, Pediatric cardiology, Toxicology and others.

The ONMU has well established library with computer rooms and electronic library and having 1140 seats. Students are issued with a ticket of junior and senior year and they can use library books any time.

The “modern publishing and printing complex” of Odessa National Medical University is publishing four scientific journals licensed WAC Ukraine, books and manuals, authored by university scientists. Reference Books series “Library students – physician” is published in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Over the years ONMU has published 170 titles of textbooks with total circulation of 205,000 copies.

Odessa National Medical University is the only University in Ukraine having Computer Park for students and staff members, which is having 680 computers with internet connections. Students are allowed to use them freely anytime.

Educational work is a priority of the Odessa National Medical University. Educational work is carried out on the base curriculum adapted to the Bologna system and are recognized by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This provides a balanced fundamental, special and humanitarian training at the intersection of different branches of medical learning process, implemented testing science, credit-module system, remote learning method, system independent expert assessment of student learning.

Today the Odessa National Medical University is having 12 academic buildings with total area of 27,700 square meters, 608 classrooms, offices and laboratories.The six dormitories/hostels with 3 thousand students living places. The ONMU library fund is 8000 thousand books.

Over more than 110 years of Odessa National Medical University, it has trained more than 90,000 doctors, 700 PHD doctors and about 4 thousand candidates of Sciences. Among them are about more than 10,000 physicians and more than 200 candidates are citizens of foreign countries.

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